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A lot of patients struggle with mixed and incorrect information about nutrition strategies for weight loss and diabetes management. They start to believe that eating less and moving more is the solution to their problem. But, often it’s not that simple as many other factors play a role in weight loss and chronic illness management. Therefore, we have included culturally tailored and individualized meal plans with recipes in our programs to teach patients about simple, but very important concepts such as balanced meals and snacks, exercising fueling meal ideas, and appropriate bedtime snacks, if applicable. Our patients enjoy the meal plans and over time learn to come up with balanced meal ideas on their own.


Patients often come to us after trying many diets without much long-term success. The downfall with a lot of diets is that they tell the patients what to do instead of teaching them the “HOW TO”. In our programs, we focus on teaching our patients the “how to” and “why” instead of just TELLING them what to do and handing them a generic solution.

As health care experts, we know that self-efficacy comes with knowledge, consistent action, understanding the “WHY” behind those actions, and overcoming roadblocks and challenges along the way. Hence, our dietitian ensures that our patients become confident in their ability to sustain the weight loss or manage their diabetes even after the program ends. We do this by providing unlimited email support and biweekly one-on-one nutrition consultations with our dietitian.


We all know that we are more likely to succeed when we have peer to peer and peer to coach accountability. How many times have you experienced that motivation has run out and you fell back into your old eating habits? That’s exactly when the most important, under rated “accountability” plays an important role in helping you stay on track with your goals. This is why we have built in “accountability” in all of our programs so that our patients feel supported every step of the way.

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